About Us

About the Alberta Agricultural Economics Association

The Alberta Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) was formed in 1984 and is comprised of individuals with an interest in the Agricultural Economy of Alberta.

The AAEA brings together Alberta’s Agri-Industry professionals and the sector’s leaders from across the industry. Participation in the AAEA is the forum for those working in the different sectors of our Agri-Industry throughout Alberta for the focussed interaction and exchange of ideas on economic, social, and environmental issues which are at the forefront of this industry and the Alberta economy’s sustainable future.


To be a leading organization that influences the future of agricultural economics research, policy, and advancement of the agriculture and agri-food industry in Alberta.


Enhance and facilitate the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, information, and ideas between professionals in the agriculture and agri-food industries.

  • Leadership;
  • Inclusiveness; and
  • Professionalism.